New Toileting Sling design

New High Back Extensor Toileting Sling
Care-ability have been at the forefront of toileting sling design for a number of years. Our new High Back Toilet Extensor sling pushes the boundaries yet again.

The Problem

Going to the toilet is something that is taken for granted far too much. When the use of a hoist is required it can be a real challenge to safely transfer someone who needs to go now. A traditional toileting sling requires the user to support themselves which isn’t always possible. Without the ability to support themselves, the sling will put huge pressure under the arms which is very dangerous and can cause lasting damage.

Dangers with using a toileting sling

Toileting slings need larger apertures to give good access for removing clothing and personal care.  The larger aperture therefore reduces support in the sling.  The worst scenario is the risk that the user slips out of the back of the sling, a number of deaths have occurred due to this. As such the industry has tended to lean towards safety and the use of full body slings and an additional transfer to the bed before transferring to the toilet. With the pressures on social care and the time carers have to complete calls, this can cause conflicts.

New Toileting Sling Design

Care-ability have always looked at various ways to combat this conflict between time and safety and can now announce a new development in Toileting/Access slings. Our new High Back Extensor Toileting sling is both supportive and comfortable, with a tight fit around the waist and legs and a low cut to eliminate under arm pressure. The aperture is sized to still give access to lower garments whilst maximising support where possible.  The sling is a new standard in personal care.

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High Back Extensor Toileting Sling

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