Mobile Hoists and Stand Aids

Care-ability Healthcare’s range of mobile hoists and stand-aids offer varying levels of support to help the user when moving from a between different pieces of equipment. Mobile hoists facilitate transfers in combination with suitable slings when fixed systems are not viable, whilst stand aids provide an active alternative to a wheelchair for those with limited mobility. They help promote independence and provide support for a wide range of everyday activities.

Our Most popular products

Invacare Birdie Compact Mobile Hoist

Compact Folding Mobile Hoist 150kg

With maximum space for the user, the Invacare Birdie Compact offers a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor. The lifters are designed to ensure folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed - also without tools.

Selena 165 Mobile Hoist

All Purpose Mobile Hoist

Selena 165 is an all purpose, competitively priced, quality mobile floor lift designed for safe and effective patient transfer. The safe working load is 165 kg . Only quality components are used to produce a reliable mobile lift ensuring a long service life.
Selena 165 is equipped with high quality, smooth rolling wheels which also manoeuvre well on carpets. With a unique spreader bar and sling hook system, sling attachment is made simple for the carer, while guaranteeing safety for the client.
Linak actuators with soft start-stop technology ensure for smooth movement of the powered lifting arm and legs via the magnetically attachable hand control. Selena 165 spreads the long front legs outwards in a V shape, and the rear short legs inwards.

Solar 175 Mobile Hoist

Mobile lift

Solar´s Scandinavian design with its sweeping elegant lines makes an attractive choice for home care or institutional use. Its excellent lifting range allows clients to be lifted from the floor.

The design and shape of the chassis provides the client with a maximum of space for a more relaxed transfer. The curved legs allow a wider base spread to access large chairs or wheelchairs. Ergolet´s patented spreader bars always ensures safe and simple sling attachment. Solar uses the most advanced Linak control box, which includes an LCD display that shows current action and service information. The system records and shows the number of lifts performed and also the date of the next service.

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Invacare Birdie Mobile Hoist

Compact Folding Mobile Hoist 180kg

With maximum space for the user, the Invacare Birdie offers a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor. The lifters are designed to ensure folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed - also without tools.

Atlas 250 Mobile Hoist

Compact Bariatric Mobile Lift

The Atlas 250 is a high quality, bariatric mobile lift with a weight capacity of 250 kg and a very small footprint. Only quality components have been used throughout, to ensure a mobile lift able to withstand long term, heavy duty use.
Atlas 250 has a long curved arm for increased lifting height and a wide, powered V-shape base for greater stability. Smooth rolling wheels ensure easy manoeuvrability with or without the client.
Atlas 250 is available with two spreader bar options: 3 point and a 4 point powered positioning spreader bar.
In the popular configuration with the 4 point powered positioning spreader bar, the client is comfortably and easily lifted from a seated to a lying position or vice versa, using a special 4 point sling. Once lifted, the carer is then able to reposition the client to a more upright or reclined position by simply pressing the applicable function buttons on the hand control, thereby achieving maximum support and comfort for the client.
Optional "power drive" can be fitted to assist the transfer of a heavier client.

Titan 375 Mobile Hoist

Bariatric self drive mobile lift

Bariatric transfer is at best a task requiring extreme vigilance and at worst can cause potentially hazardous injury to care staff.
The Titan 375 gives bariatric transfer a new dimension in catering to individual needs whilst blending into the working environment.
The Titan 375 is a self drive unit with simple joystick control of the movement thus ensuring optimal ergonomics for the carer.

Reliant 350

Compact Stand Aid

The Invacare Reliant 350 Stand Assist is a compact and manoeuvrable stand assist lifter that provides safe and comfortable assisted transfers for those with limited mobility or rehabilitation needs. The Invacare Reliant 350 can be used to transfer a client that cannot transfer unaided, but has some level of weight bearing ability, from one seated position to another. The robust design with a maximum weight limit of 158 kg (25 Stone) allows for additional support whilst transferring, preventing unnecessary strain on both patient and carer.

Pallas 150/175

Highly Compact Stand Aid

The Pallas 150 and Pallas 175 is a highly compact stand aid for individuals able to bear partial body weight when transitioning between seated and standing positions such as from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to toilet. Ideal for home use, and residential care homes. The 150's weight capacity is 150 kg and the 175's weight capacity is 175 kg.
The Pallas 150 emulates the body’s natural standing movement, allowing the user to experience a more comfortable, familiar posture when being assisted. It was designed with safety in mind for both caregiver and the individual needing assistance for sling-supported transitions. Ease of use in the home was a key design element, as users will find the compact footprint able to accommodate tight spaces such as bathrooms and hallways while requiring minimal storage space.

Stellar 160

Compact and Elegant Stand Aid

Stellar is the new state of the art stand aid, combining Scandinavian design with excellent functionality.
Stellar has been developed to move users who can assist to some extent in a sit to sit transfer. The natural pattern of movement is imitated when raising and lowering.The compact dimensions and safe working load of 160kg ensure that Stellar is suitable for domestic and institutional use. The curved legs allow access to larger and riser chairs, or power chairs.
Our unique, patented sling hooks give a safe, simple sling attachment. The padded knee support is both height and angle adjustable for a perfect fit.

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Titan 250

Compact High Weight Capacity Stand Aid

The Titan 250 is a high quality, bariatric stand aid with a weight capacity of 250 kg with a very small foot print. The use of quality components throughout ensures a stand aid capable of withstanding long term heavy duty use. The legs are spread in a wide V-shape providing greater stability when raising heavier clients.
Titan 250 is designed to carry out patient transfer from one seated position to another without compromising safety, for example in a toileting or general transfer situation. Titan 250 is the ideal aid for clients who are cognitive and able to cooperate, and who are partially weight bearing but require assistance to be raised to an upright position. Titan 250 does this by imitating the body’s natural rising movement, making the lifting action comfortable for the client.
Titan 250’s features include a contoured, dynamic kneed pad unit which is both depth and height adjustable, as well as a footplate which can be optionally angled downwards for easier client access.
Optional "power drive" can be fitted to assist the transfer of a heavier client.

Able Assist

Standing aid for dignity and independence

T• A standard version is available PT003 and an adjustable leg version PT004
• The Able Assist enables Users to participate in transfers improving muscle tone and is ideal for transferring Users from room to room
• The Able Assist is ideal for those Users who can raise from a seated position to a standing position
• The user can have their legs supported by the knee brace and hold on to the horizontal bar in front of them
• The 4 wheels, 2 of which have breaks, enable this aid to be manoeuvred easily from room to room The narrow width of this Aid enables the Carer to manoeuvre easily through standard doorways
• The Able Assist can be wheeled directly up to a toilet, with wheels positioned either side of the toilet offering the User more dignity to sit down
he Able Assist Patient Adjustable Transfer Aid provides a safe and easy solution for a Carer wishing to transfer a Client.


Sit to Stand Transfer Aid

The Ambiturn Sit to Stand Transfer Aid assists with pivoting transfers between different seat surfaces and can transport users short distances.
Low profile base facilitates user feet placement
• Substantial base area provides stability
• Handle has multiple gripping points for varying support
• Allows for quick fitting of optional support belts

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